Two Forward, One Back

Feeling not too bad today after recovering from an ugly incident on Wednesday. A light lunch left me in a terrible state, which ended up very messily! The oncologist on call that night was able to fit me in for a consultation yesterday and after examination she suggested I have “ileus”. Have reverted to a liquid diet to try to get things working again. It makes us think that earlier incidents were related to this also.

There was a glimmer of sun as Alex left the house around 11:30 am but by the time I got my chair and blankie together the rain had started again. I’ve spent the last hour on the front porch, fully wrapped up including wearing a tuque (Canadian knitted winter cap). The rain will clear again shortly and I will go for my toddle round the block 🙂

Frustrating to remember that I felt like a million dollars two months ago, but I’m looking forward to some gentle socializing over the next few days – and feeling better soon!

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