Ready For Take-off

Oh oh … I’ve had “the call” and I’m to present myself at the chemo unit 9:00 am Thursday (tomorrow!). “We are always punctual. Not like the docs!”

This will be a seven hour day as I will have both IV and IP treatments. Can’t wait to see how this stuff is all sloshed through my insides but I understand some rolling around is involved. I will NOT be appearing on You Tube :-). Right now I’m making my picnic list as one gets peckish through the day and they don’t provide sandwiches. Also charging the iPad so I can read, play Scrabble and check the FX rates; will also take along Wired magazine in physical format, for reading on my side. The last thing anyone wants is for me to be without something to read!

Now I am in the system I can figure out the schedule for the next few months. I am set for a three week cycle, with Day 1 and Day 8 being chemo days. If all goes according to plan I will be able to anticipate good and bad days for doing things. Not totally sure how long it will all last but right now I believe there will be six rounds, so 18 weeks.

We develop a mindset around the big ‘C’ and chemo but everyone responds differently and with luck I will skate by with few side effects. Protocols are being improved all the time. Very glad to hear that the chemo unit’s policy is for “no nausea”. Bring on those particular drugs is all I can say!



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