Not High Enough Today

[Oops – sorry if you just received a notice of a posting that wasn’t actually there. I was using some different software to load the image and I didn’t believe what was written on the button I decided to press!]

Anyhoo … here is a quick update just so you know the sort of thing that can happen from time to time if you or someone you know has to go through all this.

Blood Test

At the BCCA chemo is not administered if your blood counts are too low (reflective of the state of the bone marrow):
Platelets must be >100 (normal: 150 – 400)
Neutrophils must be >1.50 (normal: 2.0 – 8.0)

Turns out the reason I have been feeling so tired and lousy recently is that my platelet and, more importantly, neutrophil levels are still way down (99 and 0.9 respectively) and have not recovered from last week’s treatment. Fearing I had been over-doing things I asked what I could do to improve these numbers, which reflect the state of the bone marrow. The nurse said “Nothing”. Of course, I’ve been trying to eat well and will pile on even more protein and colorful and green leafy vegetables!

In any event, my chemo was cancelled today – in part because aside from low blood levels I feel I am “getting something”, although that might just be related to the struggling bone marrow. I am three quarters of the way through the whole treatment plan and the effects are cumulative.

Will make up the missed treatment next Friday, then have a week off and start Cycle 6 on October 19, I hope.

Met Opera Rheingold
Alex brought me home again, where I sat in front of boring daytime TV, reading the paper and doing nothing. Finally found that I had taped a documentary on the recent Met Opera Ring Cycle – phew!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! We shall be seeing my parents installed in their new place in Port Moody, on the outskirts of Vancouver – it will be good to have them on the mainland again.

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