Needle Phobia!

When I was helping my ex through her last years with colon cancer I joked that I would never be able to do what she was doing because I hate needles! This may be something I was born with but an early experience may have contributed to it.

When I was very young (under five) I did something really stupid in the garden, involving broken skin, blood and dirt. I was taken off to the hospital for a tetanus shot. I remember it was also the day of my piano lesson and I had my piano music, in its leather case, with me at the hospital. The nurse tried to put me at ease by talking about music but I could tell from the smell of the place that I didn’t want to be there. My mother and I were put into a small cubicle and moments later a doctor appeared with what looked to my young eyes like the most enormous syringe on earth. He jabbed me with it and it hurt like hell! Since that day I have had a huge phobia of needles and anything else small, pointy and sharp.

My skin is also especially sensitive and so, regardless of what anyone says, needles hurt me. One time I actually broke the skin in my palm, when squeezing my hand tight at the dentist’s office. Crazy!

Stress Ball After my second operation last year I was told I had to have a blood-thinner shot every day for a month!
One way I was able to handle all the needles during the last year (daily blood thinner shots for a month, blood tests, chemo) was to take a small stress ball with me – the foamy kind that used to be given away as promo by outfits like trucking companies, publishers, etc. I squeeze that in the hand of the arm that is not getting the needle. I wish I had thought of it sooner – it sure helps!

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