Monthly Archives: June 2012

Two Forward, One Back

Feeling not too bad today after recovering from an ugly incident on Wednesday. A light lunch left me in a terrible state, which ended up very messily! The oncologist on call that night was able to fit me in for a consultation yesterday and after examination she suggested I have “ileus”. Have reverted to a liquid diet to try to get things working again. It makes us think that earlier incidents were related to this also.

There was a glimmer of sun as Alex left the house around 11:30 am but by the time I got my chair and blankie together the rain had started again. I’ve spent the last hour on the front porch, fully wrapped up including wearing a tuque (Canadian knitted winter cap). The rain will clear again shortly and I will go for my toddle round the block 🙂

Frustrating to remember that I felt like a million dollars two months ago, but I’m looking forward to some gentle socializing over the next few days – and feeling better soon!

Good News – Mostly

Hello everyone …

Me again! Feeling much better than last week and improving every day. Coffee and chocolate are tasting good to me again (but no, don’t send any!) and I’m eating well so I can build up my strength for the chemo that will start towards the end of the month.

Things all take a very long time, from eating a meal to reading the paper and I have not done much email at all. The days pass quite quickly. Although my legs are still quite weak I can now walk right round the block without a cane – when I don’t have the residual cramps and nerve re-knitting pains in my abdomen. You can sure get out of shape very quickly.

Good News
We had the pathology report back from the last surgery and everything presented to the lab was clear. Whoo hoo! The only fly in the ointment is some confusion about a rather key item – my right ovary – which was one of the main reasons for the second surgery. The report states that there was no ovary presented for analysis and when I asked about this the surgeon suggested that it had probably been removed earlier. Oh oh … I don’t think so, indeed I know that is not the case.

We are following up by obtaining copies of all relevant reports to date and will then speak to someone about it. Obviously we must tread carefully but one thing is clear: I suppose I don’t mind if they have lost it but I need to know I no longer have it.

French Open
In other news, I have been watching the French Open. It is hard to pick a favourite. I can’t stand grunters and screamers, so that eliminates half the field, as far as I can tell. I don’t like black or grey socks with shorts even when the outfit is black or grey (too close a reminder of British men in the rare summers we had as kids), so Federer doesn’t cut it for now. As for Nadal, why does he have to check his crotch and ass before every point? He should get better fitting underwear. So who does that leave? Looks like Andy Murray is still alive – I don’t hold out hopes that he will make it to the final but happy to be disabused of that position by my UK pals 🙂

Will update the blog next week and try to reply personally to everyone who has taken time to send virtual and physical messages over the last couple of weeks.